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Apex Legends: 7 reasons why you should return to Respawn’s shooter for Season 3

By Seb Steward,
Wednesday, 2 October 2019 15:32 GMT

Apex Legends Season 3 went live yesterday, cramming the first-person shooter with a whole bundle of new features and improvements.

But is it enough to tempt lapsed players back to Respawn’s acclaimed shooter?

The free-to-play shooter has gone through a whole slew of changes since Season 1, but this new season is easily the most disruptive – it adds a brand new map, shifting the action to World’s Edge, with new biomes, locations and features.

But it also throws in a brand new character, Crypto, and the Charge Rifle, straight out of Respawn’s other game, Titanfall.

This was reason enough for VG247 to leap back into Apex Legends to give it another run and in this video we look not only at the headline changes, but we also drill down on the tweaks to the metagame, quality of life improvements, updates to the Battle Pass and more.

If you are hyped for Season 3 why not check out our exclusive interview with Crypto voice actor Johnny Young and hop on over to our YouTube channel to catch the latest and greatest on all things Apex Legends.

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