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Okami HD, Mega Man 11 And Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection All Surpass One Million Sales

Street Fighter

A nice splattering of Capcom titles available on Nintendo Switch have just surpassed the one million sales mark, earning a place on the company’s list of ‘Platinum Titles’.

If you’re unaware, Capcom conveniently keeps a public list of all of its games which generate one million sales; the list has just been updated and shows that Okami HD, Mega Man 11 and Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection have all hit the impressive milestone.

Sadly, the list doesn’t break down each game by platform, so it’s impossible to know just how many of those million sales were on Switch, but it’s safe to assume that Nintendo’s machine will have played a significant role for each title’s success. Elsewhere, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate has also seen a small jump, putting it at 3.3 million units sold as of September this year.

If you’re interested, you can go ahead and check out the full list right here; you’ll notice a familiar Monster Hunter / Resident Evil / Street Fighter theme at the top of the list – and throughout the entire thing, actually.

Do you own many of these million-sellers? Let us know down below.


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