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Pokémon Masters Team Shares Its Update Plans For November And December

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You’d be forgiven for thinking Pokémon GO was the only Pokémon mobile game in existence after banking $3 billion, but there are actually a number of others available. One of these is DeNA’s free-to-play title, Pokémon Masters.

The game experienced a strong start, with players spending $26 million on the game – making it the best launch for any Pokémon mobile title since the release of GO. As fantastic as this was, not all of the player base was happy with the overall experience due to its bugs, lack of content and design choices.

It resulted in the game’s producer issuing an apology and since then, the exact plans for the game have been outlined. The latest website update reveals how November will focus on implementing adjustments for rewards. This includes revising rewards for story events and adjusting the log-in bonuses. From mid-November, a special rally event will take place – awarding trainers with additional items and gems.

Then, early on in December, a new event will debut – allowing trainers who use legendary creatures to join the fray. By the middle of this month, the level cap limit for all sync pairs will be unlocked, increasing the maximum potential to level 120. Alongside this, a new difficult category will be added to courses to help players obtain the necessary items to unlock the level cap. Rewards for other difficulties will also be revised.

Later on, in December, there’ll be some gameplay improvements to give trainers a “smoother” experience. In addition to co-op battle pacing and balance adjustments, there’ll be improvements to daily missions, the inclusion of daily vouchers, weekly bingo, and a sync pair viewing feature.

January and February will then see gameplay updates and a training event revamp. Battle Stage updates are also incoming, adjusting the difficulty of EX Challenges. In February, a new mode titled Battle Villa will be released as well.

The next producer letter is scheduled for 26th November.


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