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Red Dead Redemption 2 PC review – Rockstar’s best game

I’ve often thought of Rockstar as gaming’s best time traveller. Vice City had eighties Miami, San Andreas had nineties Los Angeles, Grand Theft Auto IV had noughties New York. However, Rockstar’s PC releases are a little different. More than just travel in time, they stop it completely, freezing the awe and excitement of a new game, allowing it to exist at its best for much longer. Just look at Grand Theft Auto V; a game first released on consoles over six years ago. On PC, it looks like it came out yesterday.

And so it is for Red Dead Redemption II. The destination this time? The alpine forests, verdant hills, smoky cities, and backwater outposts of turn-of-the-century America. The year is 1899, to be exact; a tumultuous period in the young nation’s history, when the power of civilisation finally overthrew the lawless wild west, and authority sought to wipe out the gangs that had persisted, unchecked, for so long.

This is the type of game that doesn’t happen very often – the height of technical ambition and creative power for a videogame studio to do what it wants, how it wants, in as much time as it wants. The cold hard stats do a lot of explaining for us: thousands of staff working through eight years of development; 1,200 performance capture actors; 700 voice actors; some half a million different individual animations; untold tens if not hundreds of millions of pounds. And now a whole year to polish a single PC port. All of that in itself makes Red Dead Redemption II worth playing, just to see the tiniest detail spin seamlessly out into the grandest of scopes. However, Rockstar offers more, telling its most mature, heartfelt, and human story in a world that’s unparalleled.


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