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Random: Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Final Boss Can Be Beaten With A Magikarp

While it can evolve into a pretty powerful beast, the humble Magikarp has a bad reputation in the world of Pokémon. This flappy fish is seen as a waste of space, so YouTuber PokeTips decided to give it a moment in the spotlight by taking on Leon in Pokémon Sword and Shield, the game’s undefeated regional champion.

This approach took some time, it’s worth noting. PokeTips knew that the ability to use the powerful Hydro Pump move could work in Magikarp’s favour, but it can’t take down Leon on its own. After trying a few different tactics – including levelling up the fish to 100 with high hit points and using Eviolite – the winning strategy revealed itself.

With Magikarp holding Choice Specs (which boosts the monster’s special attack but limits it to a single move) and using Special X (which augments the power of its Special Attack) it’s possible to take Leon down. Sure, this isn’t foolproof as Hydro Pump doesn’t hit 100% of the time, but it does work.


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