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A Scene From The New Star Wars Movie Is Going To Be Shown In Fortnite

A Scene From Star Wars is going to be played In Fortnite.

Epic Games are back at it again, bringing more crossover events to Fortnite. This time we will see the return of a Star Wars Cross over event again. With players being able to watch a scene from The Rise Of Skywalker, the scene will be shown in the in-game cinema.

This is not the first time we have seen Star Wars come to Fortnite as earlier this year, we had Stormtrooper skins and a Star Destroyer flying over the map. Similar to other in-game events, combat will be disabled, so players can enjoy the in-game event without having to fear that someone will kill them.

The exclusive scene will be shown at Fortnite’s Risky Reels drive-in on December 14. And will begin 1.30pm EST, however the scene will not begin until 2pm giving players time to join in and get to Risky Reels. You can find posters all over the Fortnite map, giving players more detail.

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