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Review your PS4 gaming habits in 2019 with the PlayStation Wrap-Up

By Sherif Saed,
Wednesday, 15 January 2020 09:56 GMT

Look back on your 2019 PlayStation journey with the help of this new tool.

Sony has gone live with the Wrap-Up, a site that helps you track everything you did on your PS4 console in 2019. The review shows your most played games, favourite genre, Trophies earned and so on.

The site even breaks down the time you spent with your top games, and when you tended to play games during the week. Sony is also giving away dynamic themes and avatars that reflect your favourite genres.

The Wrap-Up site is open to anyone with a PlayStation account until February 14. You need to have played ten hours or more before December 10 for anything to show up.

Unfortunately, the Wrap-Up is not available everywhere in the world. You need to be in the region your account is registered in. If you turned off additional data collection through your console, you won’t have anything to view.

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