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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players are pissed off again about stealth changes in new update

Infinity Ward is once again stoking the ire of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s community for making undocumented changes.

After about a month of waiting, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players everywhere finally got a new patch in the form of update 1.13. The download size was massive, all for a Crossbow, and five extra loadout slots.

That’s about it for new content, the rest is either returning – like the Aniyah Palace map – or gameplay and balance tweaks. Unfortunately, the patch introduced a severe stat deletion problem that – although partially fixed – scared thousands of players when they saw the error message.

But what players didn’t count on, however, was another round of stealth changes. Since the launch of Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward has had a habit of making changes that are not mentioned in patch notes. Anything from damage and recoil tweaks to changes to the game’s maps have all been made to the game in the past without being announced.

Players then discover those tweaks on their own, which inevitably creates confusion as you’re never clear what is an intended change and what’s simply a bug. In the past few months, some took it upon themselves to essentially scour what they can of the game to see if anything not mentioned in patch notes was changed.

Update 1.13 is no different, with several key changes not revealed in patch notes making their way to the game. For instance, one of the new areas added to the Crash remake has been adjusted so it offers less cover to players camping there. The objective capture bar now fades out slightly when you ADS and has had its position adjusted so as not to block too much of the centre of the screen.

These are good changes that are easy to see, but others are not immediately obvious. For example, scoring objective points no longer counts towards Field Upgrade recharge time, only kills do. There’s also something strange going on with Stopping Power Rounds, which were meant to be buffed in the patch but ended up getting nerfed. In both of those cases, no one is clear what’s going on.

Once again, players are frustrated, and it’s given way to a tonne of misinformation, not to mention sour the perception of the game when all you see is complaints about missing patch notes anytime an update releases.


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