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Job Listings for New Obsidian Entertainment RPG

Night time in The Outer Worlds

Obsidian is gearing up for another big release (Credit: Obsidian Entertainment)

Since The Outer Worlds shipped worldwide back in Oct. 2019 and awaits its Switch port, Obsidian Entertainment is looking for new talent to start on its next RPG.

A job listing was found and reported on Feb. 23 by Twitter user Klobrille. On the studio’s website, the 32 positions open for applicants will be set in its Irvine, CA headquarters. Opportunities can range from internships and animation to combat designers and various divisions within programming. Getting hired will have benefits like health coverage and movie days with the rest of the staff.

This is not the only project Obsidian is working on, making it unclear if this posting is for one RPG or multiple. Last year it was said that the team at the studio is developing “more than one, less than 40” titles.

What we do know based on the description above the positions is the mentioning of the “making the next generation of role-playing games.” Even as the next generation arrives and the current expires, Microsoft wants the new Xbox Series X to maintain an open door for players still using the Xbox One and its other iterations.

Obsidian has made a name for itself in the industry for developing RPGs like The Outer Worlds and Pillars of Eternity. In Nov. 2018, it was announced that the company had been acquired by Microsoft to become a part of Xbox Game Studios.

For now, we will have to wait and see what’s to come for Obsidian’s followup to its 2019 sci-fi RPG. What do you hope out of its next big release? What do you think of the job posting? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook.

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